Document Type : application paper


1 Department of Accounting, Management and Accounting faculty, Tonekabon Branch, Islamic Azad University , Tonekabon, Iran

2 Department of Management and Accounting, Karaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Karaj, Iran ,


Purpose: Whatever cannot be measured cannot be controlled and whatever cannot be controlled cannot be managed. Therefore, the main issue in all organizational analyzes is performance, and its improvement requires measurement, and therefore an organization without a performance evaluation system is unthinkable. One of the problems of organizations to measure performance is determining performance evaluation indicators. This research has been carried out with the aim of prioritizing employee performance evaluation indicators in the strategic process of human resources management of Alborz province fire department.

Methodology: This research is an exploratory research, which was conducted using the Delphi method. The statistical sample of the research is the number of 15 experts and specialists selected from among the employees. The main research criteria, including preparation, implementation and evaluation, were identified from the library method. Data analysis has been done using the approach of network process analysis, DEMATEL and COPRAS.

Findings: Based on the results of the research, the implementation criterion with a normalized weight of 0.436 is the first priority among the criteria, the sub-criteria of ethical compliance with a final weight of 0.1276 is the first among the sub-criteria and the implementation of the evaluation system to increase performance. Employees are the first priority among the strategies.

Originality/Value: In this study, an attempt has been made to analyze all indicators related to the evaluation of employee performance indicators in the strategic process of human resources, but since there are very few field studies in academic societies, especially domestic ones, in the field of indicators The performance of employees has been done in the strategic process of human resources, so future researchers can improve the designed scale by increasing the range of their studies by identifying and adjusting items and factors