Document Type : Original Article


Department of Industrial Engineering, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Purpose: Nowadays firms are successful in making a profit in the satisfaction of our customers in target markets further efforts. Given these facts, consumers will choose goods and services more consistent with their needs and expectations. Customer satisfaction is a crucial topic in today's competitive world that could provide a boost. In this regard, it is essential to consider what may be effective in increasing customer satisfaction.
Methodology: The study will discuss the relationship between influential factors and customers' satisfaction with dairy products in Golestan Pegah Company. Based on the literature review, features, opinion leaders' dairy industry, and offers, a model was presented, and data were collected through questionnaires. A sample size of 650 subjects was randomly selected among customers from Golestan Pegah company, and then analyze the data collected from the questionnaires was done in surface descriptive and inferential statistics using software Spss16 and also confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and path analysis using software Lisrel 8.8.
Findings: The results showed that customer satisfaction is affected by two factors: product quality and service quality; that is, creating high-quality products and services leads to customer satisfaction.
Originality/Value: In this study, we tried to identify and categorize the factors affecting customer satisfaction with buying dairy products to determine and prioritize each factor using customer feedback. It helps Pegah and other companies producing similar products to consider the most critical factors in increasing customer satisfaction.


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